Cubbie Accessories Navy Lid

Product Number: ERESJON8027JC

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Description - Cover your tracks to avoid being followed! In this high stakes spatial development game, kids must cover their tracks on a journey through mud, sand, snow and cement. First, kids select one of 20 challenge cards. Then they place all four pieces on the game tray to cover their tracks. As the game play gets more challenging, players will put their spatial development skills to the test on a journey across different terrains. Cover Your Tracks™ is an entertaining and engaging mind-challenging game that will keep kids coming back for more. So step lightly; your only hope is to cover your tracks! Features: * 4 Levels of Play, Beginner to Expert * 20 Mind Challenge Cards™ with Solutions * 4 Game Pieces (Red, Green, Orange, Blue) * 1 Game Tray * Game-Go Storage Bag Ages: 8 to Adult, Single Player

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