Baumgartens Eco-Friendly Supplies & More

Plastiklips are now made with 40% post cosumer waste

Baumgartens Eco-Friendly Supplies & More

With a wide variety of products and an eye on conservation, Baumgartens produces interesting and useful products for businesses, schools, homes and any place they can make a difference.

Baumgartens has several brands covering products ranging from clips and desk accessories to pencil sharpeners and pens. Their Secure brand covers a variety of identification supplies including lanyards, badge holders, ID cards. Baumgartens also features the Conserve brand with compostable cutlery and dishware, along with cleaning tablets that make a gallon of cleaner or odor eliminator with water. This is lighter to ship and saves on bottles.

Baumgartens is a WBE Certified woman-owned family company dedicated to community outreach and environment-friendly business practices.

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