Carl Manufacturing

Carl Manufacturing Paper Trimmers & Punches

Carl premium rotary trimmer is made from 100 percent recycled materials

Carl Manufacturing Paper Trimmers & Punches

For paper trimmers and paper punches, rely on Carl Manufacturing as a leading producer of document finishing products. Since 1949, Carl has been designing and innovating punching and cutting items.

Carl's philosophy is that functionality is the most important design feature. To them, the true beauty of a product is how well it works and how satisfied the customer is. Rotary trimmers feature paper guides, extendable rulers and replaceable mats and cutters. Punches are guided for easy and accurate punching. Carl originated the Heavy-Duty Punch in 1981.

Customer satisfaction is Carl Manufacturing's top priority. Whether a customer buys a paper punch or a rotary cutter, Carl wants them to be happy using it.

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