FireKing Safes, Cabinets, Storage

FireKing: vital protection for your vital assets

FireKing Safes, Cabinets, Storage

Protecting your most important documents and information against any threat is essential for businesses. FireKing's line of fireproof safes and file cabinets protects files from theft and the elements.

FireKing's fireproof filing cabinets and storage cabinets are made of strong metal and are tested to be resistant to fire and impact damage. For further protection, a business or home safe can resist fire damage for 1-2 hours, in addition to impact and burglury protection. Data protection such as FireKing's MediaVault keeps sensitive digital media safe with additional levels of insulation to keep drives free of dust and magnetic fields as well as fire.

FireKing began making fireproof files in 1951 and has grown to include several products, all designed with security in mind.

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