Darice Accent Water Gel Pearls

Clear - 3 mm Size - 0.35 oz/ Pack
Product Number: NOTM368852
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Product Description

Darice Accent Water Gel Pearls - DARICE-Accent Water Gel Pearls 3mm 10 Grams/Pkg-Clear. These are perfect for candles, silks, cut flowers, centerpieces and much more! The pearls are made out of a non-toxic polymer that have the ability to absorb up to 150 times its weight in water. Once the pearls have been soaked in water they are ready to accent any floral display! Pearls can be used over and over by air drying and re-soaking. Want a little color? Put a few drops of food coloring in the water before adding the pearls (coloring may be permanent). Non-Toxic. Will not spoil or mildew. For a neat effect, use with live plants and watch the roots wind their way through the pearls! Made in China.

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