Beadalon Beginning Wire Wrapping Book

Author: Wyatt White - 39 Pages
Product Number: NOTM449663
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Product Description

Beadalon Beginning Wire Wrapping Book - BEADALON-Beginning Wire Wrapping. Learn the Basics of Wire Wrapping! Backed by more than twenty-five years of jewelry industry expertise, author Wyatt White demonstrates the essentials of wire wrapping with step-by-step picture instructions. The lessons in this booklet will help you develop the vital skills needed to make loops, links, wrapped beads and more using round wire. Five essential techniques are thoroughly explained. Wire is a very forgiving material and can be manipulated many ways, so relax, make a few mistakes and have fun with Wire Wrapping! Author: Wyatt White. Softcover Booklet with Hangtab: 39 pages. Imported.

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