Floating Candle Centerpiece 10.5"

Product Number: NOTM269591
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Floating Candle Centerpiece 10.5" - DARICE-Victoria Lynn Wedding: Floating Taper Candle Holder. This candle holder is the perfect centerpieces for any table: head, dining, coffee, foyer and much more! Use Holder as-is or decorate for any and all seasons, holidays and special occasions. The floating effect happens as the candle burns: it starts out only approximately 1in above the water level and as the candle burns down it rises so it stays approximately 1in above the water level. Featuring a chrome frame and clear glass this holder stands approximately 10-1/2in tall and only 4-1/4in wide and will match just about any decor when decorated (decorations and Candle are not included). Imported.

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