BTI AC Adapter

OEM Compatible 90-XB3NN0PW00010Y KP.06503.005 NX.SHEAA.004 NX.MJAAA.004 A11-065N1A ADP-65VH GX20K02934 NX.EF3AA.004 NX.EF3AA.003 NP.ADT0A.010
Product Number: SYNX4353084
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Product Description

BTI AC Adapter -

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Product Specifications

  • Brand Name
  • Compatibility
    Lenovo Chromebook N21 Acer Notebooks: NX.SHEAA.006 NX.EF2AA.002 NX.SHEAA.017 NX.G14AA.001 AP13J3K AP13J4K NX.SHEAA.004 NX.MKEAA.005 NX.EF3AA.010 NX.EF2AA.001 NX.EF3AA.004 NX.EF3AA.003 NX.EF3AA.011 CHROMEBOOK C738T ASPIRE S5-391-53334G12AKK ASPIRE S5-391-6495 ASPIRE S7-191-6400 ASPIRE S7-191-6447 ASPIRE S7-391-53334G12AWS ASPIRE S7-391-6468 ASPIRE S7-391-6662 ASPIRE S7-391-9427 ASPIRE S7-391-9839 ASPIRE S5-391-9880 ASPIRE S7-191 ASPIRE S7-191-53314G12ASS ASPIRE S7-391-6810 ASPIRE S7-391-6822 ASPIRE S7-391-73534G25AWS ASPIRE S7-391-9411 ASPIRE S5-391 ASPIRE S7-191-6640 ASPIRE S7-191-6859 ASPIRE S7-191-9496 ASPIRE S7-391 ASPIRE S7-391-9886 ASPIRE S3-392G ASPIRE S5-391-6419 ASPIRE S5-391-6836 ASPIRE S7-191-53334G12ASS ASPIRE S7-191-6423 ASPIRE S7-391-6413 ASPIRE S7-391-6478 ASPIRE S7-391-9492 ASPIRE S7-391-9864 CHROMEBOOK C910 CHROMEBOOK C910-C37P CHROMEBOOK EXA1206CH CHROMEBOOK C740 CHROMEBOOK CB5-571 CHROMEBOOK C910-C453 CHROMEBOOK C720 CHROMEBOOK C720P ICONIA TAB W700 NT.L0QAA.008 ICONIA TAB W700 NT.L0QED.002 ICONIA TAB W700 NT.L0QED.005 ICONIA TAB W700-6454 ICONIA TAB W700-6495 ICONIA TAB W700-6827 ICONIA TAB W700P ICONIA TAB W7 ICONIA TAB W700 ICONIA TAB W700-6602 ICONIA TAB W700-6607 ICONIA TAB W700-6670 ICONIA TAB W700-6680 ICONIA TAB W700 NT.L0QED.006 ICONIA TAB W700-33214G06AS ICONIA TAB W700-53314G12AS ICONIA TAB W700-6407 ICONIA TAB W700P-6821 ICONIA TAB W701 ICONIA TAB W701 NT.L19ED.005 ICONIA TAB W701 NT.L19ED.010 ICONIA TAB W701 NT.L19ED.013 ICONIA TAB W700 NT.L0QAA.010 ICONIA TAB W700 NT.L0QED.003 ICONIA TAB W700-6465 ICONIA TAB W700-6499 ICONIA TAB W700-6691 ICONIA TAB W700-6831 OEM PART NUMBER KP.06503.002 OEM PART NUMBER KP.06503.007 OEM PART NUMBER KP.06503.004 OEM PART NUMBER AK.065AP.034 OEM PART NUMBER KP.06503.006 OEM PART NUMBER NP.ADT11.00F OEM PART NUMBER NPADT1100F OEM PART NUMBER NP.ADT11.00G OEM PART NUMBER PA-1650-80 ASUS Ultrabook Products: ULTRABOOK UX31E-081A2677M ULTRABOOK UX21E ULTRABOOK UX21E-DH71 ULTRABOOK UX31E ULTRABOOK UX31E-RHP5
  • Compatible to OEM Part Number
    ADP-45AW 0A001-00230400 0A001-00230800
  • Device Supported
  • Limited Warranty
    2 Year
  • Manufacturer Part Number
  • Maximum Output Current
    3.42 A
  • Maximum Output Power
    65 W
  • Output Voltage
    19 V DC
  • Product Name
    AC Adapter
  • Product Type
    AC Adapter


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