Paper Buying Guide

Most offices and businesses go through paper faster than any other consumable, so being able to obtain economical copy and printer paper is crucial. Thankfully, we offer low prices on premium printer paper, card stock, craft paper, photo paper, stationery and note pads. You will find colored paper in bright or pastel colors, or card stock for creating your own presentations, business cards, invitations, photos or postcards. Many are made from recycled materials, made in the USA and offer a quality guarantee.

In the guide below we've provided a few of the most common features and types, sold by ream and carton, to help you make the right paper purchase. 20-24 lb. are the most common weights for multipurpose and standard copy paper. Higher numbers indicate heavier stock.

Multipurpose, Premium, Craft, Colored & White Papers

Premium Paper

The brightest & whitest for vivid brochures, photos and presentations. Smooth feel and the highest quality that reduces smudging and smearing.

Multipurpose Copy Paper

Multi-use paper is great for reports, forms and important documents. Higher brightness, stronger and smoother than economy copy paper.

Everyday Paper

Reliable, everyday performance for high-volume and value in the office and at home for copies, drafts, emails, color and black/white printing.

Colored Printer Paper

Make your prints stand out! From pastels, to brights and fluorescents, we have a wide variety of color printer papers to suit your project or presentation.

Craft Papers

We offer a wide selection of vellum, bond, index, tissue and construction papers that can be used in the home or classroom. Some are printer compatible.

Photo & Presentation Paper

Brilliant photo-quality vibrant color with a smooth, glossy finish for your photographic printers to preserve your memories.

Recycled Paper

Equal in quality and brightness to other paper. Typically post-consumer recycled content of 30% or more and engineered with the environment in mind.

Card & Cover Stock

Make and impression with card stock in various colors for your business, home or school projects. Great for invitations, cards, signs and more.

Paper Colors Available

Top Selling Printer & Copier Paper

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