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Strip cut shredders are medium security shredderas cutting strips the length of the paper.

Cross cut shredders are high security shredders that produce small confetti like strips.

Micro cut shredders are the highest security shredders that produce tiny indestinguishable shreds.

Media destroying shredders have the capability to shred discs and credit cards as well as paper.


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featured shredders:

Swingline Stack & Shred™ hands free shredders

Swingline Stack and Shred with patented and proprietary Innovation has changed shredding.

High capacity model shreds up to 500 Sheets at a time!

Stack Up To 500 Sheets Shut the Top And Go – Do Something Else While It does the Shredding! See video or product descriptions for more information.

Why sit infront of a shredder, feeding paper?

  • That wastes time
  • It costs money
  • It is the #1 cause of jams

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