Dry Erase Boards & Whiteboard Buying Guide

Dry Erase Boards, also known as Whiteboards or Marker Boards, are essential communication and collaboration tools in every office and school classroom. They come in a wide selection of sizes for groups or individuals. Great for notes, to-do list, central message board, and collaboration. Whiteboards are commonly constructed with an inexpensive melamine surface, or a porcelain surface designed for more permanent use. Glass dry erase boards are durable and add design flair to your meeting space. Dry-erase surfaces are also available as easels, adhesive sheets, calendars and grid systems.

Use in the classroom:

  • Express ideas and imagination with instant color visuals
  • Create lists and reminders for students
  • Use large wall boards or individual lap boards

Use in the office:

  • Inspire and plan innovative ideas
  • Declutter the team workspace
  • Organize your upcoming projects and goals

Shop by Writing Surface:

Melamine Dry Erase Boards

The lightest and most economical style of dry erase board. They do not typically offer a warranty and tend to have ghost staining if not cleaned often. A great option for portability.

Coated Steel Dry Erase Boards

Stands up to regular use and generally cleans well. Offer the benefit of being magnetic and generally a good warranty and economically priced.

Porcelain Dry Erase Boards

Stand up to heavy daily use, resist scratching, staining and clean well. Tend to be the best value and offer the best warranty - plus they are magnetic!

Glass Dry Erase Boards

Stylish frameless construction. Functional for both office and classroom wall use in a variety of colors, clear and frosted. Tempered glass is stain and ghost resistant.

Shop by Style:

Dry Erase Boards

Dry erase boards are powerful presentation tools for ease of use, portability and development of visual ideas and lists. A great asset for every office and school!

Magnetic Boards

Magnetic boards allow for multiple presentation uses and the addition of paper visuals adds to your ideas. Classrooms can utilize magnets in very creative ways.

Combo Dry Erase & Bulletin

Multiple surfaces make these boards very useful in smaller spaces and offer use of different visuals. Students and coworkers can transition through ideas in many ways!

Organizer Boards

Display important tasks, organize work groups, employee tracking and plan projects. Boards that have grids, lines, planning and visuals to help planning.

Dry Erase Easels

Easels are great for portability and small spaces presentations. Easy to set up and take down for classroom, office, conference room or home.

Mobile & Rolling Dry Erase

Great for moving presentations from room to room in an office or school on rolling caster wheels. Most are reversible so they are doubly useful.

Dry Erase Calendar

Keep track of your upcoming personal or group activities through a dry erase calendar system. Wonderful for community areas of an office or classroom.

Dry Erase Lap Boards

No two classrooms are alike for learning aids. Your students can utilize lap boards for skills and a personal touch for developing their own ideas.

Top Selling Dry Erase & Whiteboards

We feature brands like Quartet, Lorell, Flipside, The Board Dudes, Safco, Mastervision, Flash Furniture and Charles Leonard.

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