3M Office Products Worldwide

3M continues to rejuenate products for the office.

Whether it's with Post-it® Notes or Scotch™ Brand Tape, 3M Office brand products are always ready to help organize and prioritize.

3M Office Products Worldwide

For more than a hundred years, 3M products have offered innovative solutions to everyday problems. From Post It Notes and Scotch tape to its ergonomic products and technology accessories such as privacy filters, 3M brands are recognized around the world.

Founded as the Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company, 3M started out as a mining operation on the shore of Lake Superior, moving into sandpaper products and eventually developing a waterproof sandpaper. Innovations continued as 3M's Scotch brand was born with their creation of cellophane and masking tape. 3M adhesive inventions continued with the Post-It Note debuting in 1980.

With unique office, cleaning, healthcare and technology products, 3M continues to make its mark on homes and workplaces everywhere.

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