Desk Pad Buying Guide

1. Protects your desk's surface

Desk pads provide a barrier between you and your work surface, protecting it from imprints, spills, scratches and pen marks.

2. Provides a non-slip surface

A desk pad's slightly resistive surface can help your flow of paper work by eliminating sliding folders and papers.

3. Enhances comfort while writing

Desk pads reduce common writing annoyances by providing a perfectly flat and comfortable writing surface to enable smoother writing and improving penmanship - leading to better work results.

4. Helps to reduce workspace clutter

Using desk pads to organize documents, business cards, or to keep your pens in one place can increase productivity by aiding in the elimination of clutter.

5. Stylish Colors, Shapes, and Materials compliment any workspace

Desk pads come in a variety of sizes and styles so that you can choose the one the best compliments your workspace.

Shop Desk Pads by Style

Dress up the daily grind! Office Supply offers a variety of styles to meet your office needs.

Protect your desk, write on a smooth surface and keep important notes in sight, all with a desk pad from Office Supply. Desk pads are made of plastic, PVC, rhinolin or glass and offer a smooth surface that makes writing easier than working directly off a desk. Pads also protect the desk from scratches, ink stains and other potential damage. When there isn't a partition or bulletin board in your work environment, desk pads can hold papers, pictures, notes or a calendar.

Top Selling Desk Pads

We feature brands including Artistic, Desktex, Lorell, House of Doolittle, ES Robbins, and Rolodex.