Smart Technology for Home & Office

Connect all your devices and appliances in your home with our smart home or office technology.

alexa smart plug

We're here to help start your smart home technology journey with a range of devices and gadgets to meet all your needs. Bring comfort and convenience to your life with smart lighting and smart plugs to engage electronic devices without even being there!

We offer a great selection of wireless, streaming and bluetooth connectivity compatible products and accessories to link to your Amazon Echo, Alexa, Ring Smart Bridge and more! Enable your home or office with smart lighting, smart plugs to turn on your essentials and connect whole-home wifi wherever you are. NetGear and Ring smart security cameras, motion sensors and motion lighting can protect your home or office while you are away.

Smart light bulbs provide low energy lighting and cost efficiency of 15 years. They are easily adaptive and create an automated home experience that powers through your smart phone or tablet. Try a few items at a time to see how it improves your "smart life" convenience at home or work, and then add more to build a complete custom system.

Smart Home & Office Automation

Streaming & Wireless

Smart Security

Smart Personal Essentials

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