Scotch Tape, Glue, Adhesives & More

Scotch goes beyond tape

Scotch Tape, Glue, Adhesives & More

From its inception in 1930, Scotch brand has been a consumer favorite in households everywhere. One of 3M's most successful brands, Scotch Tape has become synonymous with clear adhesive tape.

Scotch brands cover more than just Magic tape. Shipping and packaging labels use a strong adhesive to stay secured to packages. Mounting tape offers long and short term options for hanging posters and pictures to walls. Scotch super glue and spray adhesives provide a strong bond while crafting options like tape dispensers, rollers, scissors and photo applicators make scrapbooking easy.

For any adhesive needs from tape to mounting to laminating, 3M's Scotch brand has a product for you.

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