Inspire Creativity with Crayola

inspire creativity with crayola

Crayola crayons are a must-have art supply for your tiny Van Gogh. These simple creative tools have the impressive ability to unleash countless hours of self-expression and imaginative play. Best yet, Crayola crayons have been proven to last 35% longer than competitors’, meaning you get the most bang for your buck with our long-lasting packs!

Inspire Creativity with Crayola

With its famous line of crayons, markers and other art supplies, Crayola has been powering the imaginations of children and adults for generations. Started as the Binney & Smith company in 1885, Crayola aims to design products that help inspire kids to express themselves creatively. Whether in the original 8-pack or their famous 64-color box, Crayola crayons have become an essential part of the classroom experience. Crayola markers, Crayola paint and colored pencils create additional opportunities for expression.

With classic favorites and new products including Model Magic and dry erase crayons, Crayola continues to make the world more colorful.

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