Paper Towels & Dispensers Buying Guide

Take care of all your spills and cleaning! Shop our selection of folded paper towels, kitchen roll paper towels, center pull paper towels, hard roll paper towels, multifold paper towels and dispensers. Our paper products are great for home, business, workplace, restaurant and school use. Choose from top quality paper towels and paper products from trusted brands like Georgia-Pacific, Scott, Kleenex, Bounty, Boardwalk, Highmark, Sparkle Genuine Joe, Tork, General Supply Seventh Generation, Marcal and more.

Paper towels have absorbency for faster and more superior hand-drying vs air hand dryers. High-traffic bathrooms consistently need towels to reduce bacteria and provide a sanitary environment for your employees, guests, customers and your family too. White paper towels are microwave safe so they are multi-purpose in the kitchen for cooking and clean up. Most paper towels are 20-40% post-consumer waste content that is responsibly harvested, so you can feel good about your purchase for home, school or the workplace.

Paper Towels, Paper Products & Dispensers

Household Kitchen Towels

Not all spills and clean-up tasks are the same but our super-absorbent perforated paper towels can handle any mess.

Center Pull Paper Towels

Center-pull super-absorbent paper towels reduce dispensing problems and provide more hand dries per roll and case.

Multifold Paper Towels

Efficient and great for hand-drying and general cleanup applications. Multifold towels are interfolded for easy dispensing.

Hardwound Paper Towels

Budget-friendly paper towels for hand drying and general purpose cleaning. Extremely durable when wet and non-abrasive.

Folded Towel Dispensers

Wall-mountable or counter-top design to efficiently dispense a single multifold paper towel for hand drying or kitchen cleaning.

Hard Wound Roll Dispensers

Wall-mounted dispenser with automatic touchless, manual push bar or lever design. Efficient for high-traffic bathroom areas.

Center Pull Dispensers

Dependable style and simple paper towel touchless dispensing - one at a time, every time - for high traffic areas and less waste.

Automated Dispensers

Hygenic touchless dispensing of paper towels prevents the spread of germs. Just tear off and the sensor activates to offer another.

Household Paper Towel

Hardwound & Center-Pull Paper Towels

Multifold Paper Towels

Multi-Use & Heavy-Duty Towels

Paper Towel Dispensers

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