Hand Soap

The best way to prevent contracting and spreading disease in your home and office is with regular, proper hand washing. Encourage that by always having a supply of liquid hand soap within easy reach. Hand soaps are sold in small bottles to keep by the sink, large liquid refills to pour into dispensers, or cartridges specific to Gojo, Dial, or Softsoap dispensers. Both standard and foaming soap selections are available, as are traditional bars of Dove, Lava, or Ivory soaps.

Hand Soap Types:

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Liquid Soap


Foam Soap

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  • more concentrated, requires less to be effective
  • more common than foam soap so there are more varieties available
  • doesn't require a special dispenser


  • more likely to clog drains because of the thicker consistancy
  • considered to be less environmentally friendly because it's easier to go through large amounts of soap quicker due to the concentration

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  • considered to be environmentally friendly because the soap is dilluted and so less is used per pump
  • less likely to clog drains because of the thinner consistancy


  • less common than liquid soap so fewer varieties are available
  • requires a special dispenser


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Specialty Hand Soap:

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