Calendars & Planners Buying Guide

Need a calendar for home, school or office?

When choosing personal planners, academic planners, appointment books and calendars, it's important to consider:

  • Format - Do you plan by the minute, the hour, the week or the month?
  • Size - Will you use your planner at your desk or travel with it?
  • Scheduling Needs - Do you keep track of yourself or multiple people?
  • Personal Style - Want to reflect your favorite causes? Want something professional or something with character?

We have all your favorite personal planner and academic planner brands like At-A-Glance, Blue Sky, Cambridge, Brownline, Blueline, House of Doolittle and more!

calendar appointment book

Appointment Books show a day, week or month at a time to help keep busy schedules in order. Group Appointment Books are also available to track multiple schedules.

Wall Calendars allow multiple people to easily coordinate their schedules. Choose from Monthly Wall Calendars, Quarterly Wall Calendars or Yearly Wall Calendars.

Planners and Organizers (View Refills) and can include notepads, storage and address book sections. Shop Daily Planners, Weekly Planners, Monthly Planners and Academic Planners that start in July.

calendar desk pads book

Calendar Desk Pads keep the day or month in sight, plus they offer space to jot down reminders or appointments. Refillable Desk Calendar pads are also available.

daily desk calendar

Daily Desk Calendars often give space for daily appoints as well as for jotting notes. Buy a Desk Calendar Base or a Desk Calendar Refill.

Dry Erase Calendar Boards are great for tracking vacation schedules or project timelines. Varieties include: magnetic calendars and multi-month dry erase calendars.

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