Screenflex portable walls and room dividers

Screenflex Room Dividers and Portable Walls

Screenflex brings you durable, easy to configure room dividers

Room Dividers for Classrooms & Daycares

Screenflex Room Dividers and Portable Walls

Screenflex freestanding room dividers are constructed using fabric covered, sound absorbing, tackable panels that are steel framed and hinged top to bottom. The panel sets are mounted to welded steel end frames and have sturdy casters for extreme stability. Simply roll them into place and expand open to make any configuration you desire.

Screenflex portable partitions are versatile, they can be pulled open to cover more distance or closed together to shorten, and they can be angled around corners and curves. Find Screenflex panel partitions at for up to 30% less than the big box price.

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