Method is a green sustainable company

Method is a green, sustainable company

Method cleaning products work for you and the planet

Method Cleaning Products Are:

Method cleaners use powerful formulas made with naturally derived surfactants that work by dissolving and removing dirt. The method team of green chefs (aka formulation chemists + product designers), ensure that our products are not only highly innovative, but also highly effective.
Stinging eyes, burning lungs and headaches aren’t just unfortunate side effects of a well-kept home. They’re warning signs. Method's greenskeeping team rigorously assesses every ingredient used to be completely sure of its safety. That’s why method’s entire product line is both people- and pet-friendly.
Method only uses safe and sustainable materials, manufactured responsibly. Method bottles are made from 100% recycled plastic, and the method company seeks to reduce the carbon emitted by their business. Also, method products are never tested on animals, and only natural, renewable ingredients. The method company is transparent about the ingredients they use and how they make their products.
Method has taken product packaging to new design heights by enlisting world-renowned designer Joshua Handy to sculpt some of the finest pieces of recyclable plastic art this side of MoMA.
At method, they’re for flowers. Also fruit. Maybe an herb here or there. The people at method noticed that some home products lead to rapid breath-holding and window-opening. But no one holds their breath while slicing a grapefruit. So method sticks with that.

Method is a green, sustainable company

The method cleaning products company was founded by Adam Lowry and Eric Ryan; the very first people against dirty®. These former roommates created the method company with the idea that they could provide people with safe, green, sustainable products that also smell nice and look good enough to sit on the sink, not under it. Find method cleaning products at for up to 30% less than the big box stores.

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