Duck tape

Duck Tape

Duck Tape

Duck tape can be used for so many things both practical and creative! Use our many colors and patterns of durable Duck Tape to create a bag, purse, wallet, bookmark or other useful item. Alternatively, use Duck tape to embellish a bracelet, container, frame, or pair of shoes; the possibilities are endless.

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Duck Tape

Got a project? Get the Duck to do it!

The DuckĀ® brand offers quality, care and extraordinary value to consumers looking for friendly and convenient solutions to everyday problems. The brand is known for delivering excellent quality products at an everyday value in several household product categories. Key product categories include DIY, Stationery and Housewares.

Duck Tape comes in a variety of colors, patterns and types. Duck tape is highly versatile and great for every day repairs at home, school or the office. It is easily torn by hand yet strong and durable in a variety of applications. Duck tape conforms to uneven surfaces.

Another reason people love Duck Tape is for it's creative potential.

Use Duck Tape to decorate, create and redefine!

Duck tape is available at for up to 35% less than the big box price.

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