Flying Needle Tacky Bob Bead Holder

3.75" x 4.44" - Tacky Lining - Magnetic Needle Holder - Non-Skid Bottom - Assorted Designs
Product Number: NOTM152430
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Flying Needle Tacky Bob Bead Holder - FLYING NEEDLES-Tacky Bob Bead Holder. This great little bead holder is no bigger than a CD case. With their specifically designed acid free tacky lining, magnetic needle holder and non-skid bottom you will never have to fumble with loose beads and needles again. And when you're done simplY close up the case and set aside for later: with your beads and needles left right inside! Measurements: 3.75x 4x7/16 inch. Available in assorted colors and patterns: chosen at random. Made in USA.

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