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About School Supplies

We offer great low prices on back-to-school items for students, teachers and classrooms. Writing utensils like pens, pencils and markers keep your projects flowing. You can't beat our prices on binders, pocket folders, notebooks, index cards, paper and calculators. Explore your creativity with arts and crafts items like colored pencils, chalk, crayons, pastels, paint, craft & construction paper, drawing paper, sketch pads, painting paper, glitter, beads, buttons, clay, stencils, smocks, glue, felt, yarn and scrapbooking supplies. Teachers can find classroom accessories for active play, physical learning, incentives, motivators, games, puzzles, whiteboards, bulletin boards, charts, decorations, learning boards, organizers, class management, desks, chairs and other furniture. We offer interactive core-subject learning tools for reading, language arts, writing skills, phonics, grammar, math, money, measurement, shapes, patterns, time, science, maps and social studies activities.

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