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Shopping for a desk shouldn't be complicated. Learn about different desk components then build a custom desk or choose from a selection of pre-bundled options.

  1. Overhead Cabinet
    Overhead cabinets may or may not come with supports. They can be positioned above a worksurface, desk or credenza.
  2. Overhead Supports
  3. Worksurface or Desk
    Highly customizable, worksurfaces may be used as a primary or secondary working area, as a base for a hutch or as a connection pices in a U-shaped suite.
  4. Pedestal
    Pedestals are either fixed, floating or mobile. Fixed pedestals may replace legs to offer support. Floating pedestals do no touch the ground. Mobile pedestals can be easily repositioned.
  5. Credenza
    Credenzas offer additional storage space and are often used to support hutches or overhead cabinets.
  6. Legs or Worksurface Support
  7. Hutch or Stack-On Storage
  8. Bridge
  9. Desk
    May include a single or double pedestal(s)

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Complete Desk Bundles

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