Create the Ultimate Garage & Workshop Space

Maximize your garage or workshop storage space efficiently with a durable workbench and shelving to organize everything from tools, gardening supplies, sporting equipment and more. Storage cabinets and drawers provide convenient stowaway and organization for small items. Get started on all your "honey do" projects with a great space to work!

tools garage workbench
gardening garage workbench

5 Tips to a Nicer Garage or Workshop Space

Get productive and turn your workshop or garage into a functional and organized space!

1. Toss the things you don't need. Is it covered in dust and never used? Give it a toss. It will free up space for the things you use and need most. A tidier space is not only easier to look at, but it's easier to work in.

2. Get a plan for the space. Now that you have extra space after tossing the junk, where does everything potentially go? Take measurements of the space to be sure the workbench, shelves or storage bins you want to purchase will fit.

3. Up, up and away! Vertical storage is a huge space saver. Hang things like bicycles, long tools, cords and other large items higher, from the wall or ceiling, so the small things have space down below. Wall storage adds a wealth of space and keeps the floor free from clutter.

4. Everything has a place. Enclosed storage cabinets keep thing tidy and hidden. Storing smaller items in bins, drawers, and cabinets with drawers keeps them clean, organized and safe if using locked storage.

5. Keep it maintained. Get in the habit of decluttering and cleaning regularly. Your garage or workshop is a great extension of your lifestyle and hobbies. Whether you are a gardener, woodworker, mechanic, sports enthusiast or just love to be out of the house - make it your own personal space!

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