Social Distancing & Business Safety Supplies

Shop our social distancing floor decals, signs and tapes to help your business promote safe distances for customers and stay compliant. Use message boards and sign holders to display revised hours, services and safety practices.

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Our social distancing signs and floor decals promote safety and ask your customers to stand 6 feet apart. Signs and decals are ideal for retail businesses, health care facilities, store check-out aisles, cash register areas and restaurant carry-out areas for businesses promoting social distancing. Use of social distancing signage protects employees and customers.

Signs are lightweight and durable for sticking to almost any surface with 2-sided tape. Vinyl adhesive floor decals are ideal for high foot traffic areas – they are slip and scuff resistant. Decals apply to most surfaces such as concrete, wood, tile, epoxy and counters. The removable adhesive should remove cleanly off of most smooth surfaces up to 1 year after application.

Clear messages helps keep staff and customers safe in public spaces. Providing easy-to-read signs and guidelines makes sure recommendations and regulations are followed at all times. Signs help you keep everyone safe without interruption to your business operation.

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