Staplers Buying Guide

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Desktop Staplers

Desktop staplers are ideal for low volume use in home, at school or at work. There are a wide variety of desktop staplers available in different colors and designs.

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Electric Staplers

Electric staplers are helpful when the staper needs to be used frequently and quickly. Electric staplers come in battery powered and AC corded varieties.

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Heavy Duty Staplers

Heavy duty staplers work best for stapling thicker packets of paper. Most heavy duty staplers require heavy duty staples.

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Plier Staplers

Plier staplers are designed for ease of use and durability. They come in manual and power assist varieties.

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  15 sheets 30 sheets 100 sheets 25 sheets
  20 sheets 50 sheets 160 sheets 45 sheets
  25 sheets 70 sheets 210 sheets 60 sheets

Stapler Brands

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