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Swingline Desktop Staplers

Every Swingline stapler is a high quality product that will last you for years to come. This selection of staplers is best suited for casual office use.

Swingline Heavy Duty Staplers

The heavy duty Swingline staplers can on a high volume of jobs without jamming. Use Swingline heavy duty staples with these staplers.

Swingline Electric Staplers

Swingline electric staplers have a flat clinch mechanism that creates neater stacks of paper. They operate quietly and most models have a manual or automatic option for your preference.


Swingline carries a variety of staplers so you can find the right stapler for your needs including everything from the Swingline high capacity staplers to the famous red swingline stapler.

For large capacity jobs, choose a Swingline heavy-duty stapler or electric stapler. For everyday office use, Swingline has desktop staplers as well.

Some of the more popular Swingline staplers include the famous red Swingline 747 stapler, the Swingline Optima 40 stapler and the Swingline SmoothGrip stapler.

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