Coat Hanger & Coat Rack Buying Guide

Need a place to put your scarf and hat?

We have a great selection of coat hangers, garment racks, wall racks, shelves and coat hooks - including umbrella stands. They are perfect for your home or office setting and come in a range of prices to fit your budget. We offer great brands that include: Safco, Alba, Lorell, Alera, Quartet, Fellowes, Rubbermaid, Advantus and Storex.

Our clothing and garment racks and hangers offer:

  • many colors and materials with versatility of free-standing or mountable
  • casters or wheels for mobility and transport
  • heavy duty options and lightweight options
  • great hanging organization options

Garment Racks feature space for multiple hanging garments and may include other storage features such as shelves or hooks; with or without casters.

Coat Trees, Costumer and Coat Stands - No matter what you call it, this iconic piece of furniture is both convenient and stylish for your home or office.

Umbrella Stands add style and function to your office reception area. Fast-drying convenience for wet weather seasons.

Custom Closet Kits are easy to install and provide both hanging and shelving space for your closet or storage area.

Cubicle Coat Hooks and garment pegs are available in varieties that slide over the top of cubicle panels or that hang with high power magnets.

Shelf Racks allow for easy garment storage where you need it. Chrome and wood/metal combinations adds a distinctive touch to reception areas.

Wall Racks mount securely to the wall for a convenient place to put coats, hats, scarves, etc in entryways, offices or anywhere needed.

Hangers are available in heavy duty or light varieties – in wood, plastic, steal materials. Also see non-removable closed loop hangers that prevent theft.

Top Selling Coat Trees, Garment Racks & Hangers

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