SketchMate Charcoal & Graphite Drawing Kit 9pcs

3 Graphite Pencils - Blending Stump - White Vinyl Eraser - Pencil Sharpener - 2 Charcoal Pencils - Extra Black Layout Pencil - Sandpaper Pad
Product Number: NOTM412333
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SketchMate Charcoal & Graphite Drawing Kit 9pcs - GENERAL PENCIL-SketchMate Graphite & Charcoal Drawing Kit. This neat little pack contains everything you need to get started with drawing: just add the paper! Included are three Semi-Hex Graphite pencils (one each: 2H, HB & 2B), one blending stump, one white vinyl eraser, one sharpener, two charcoal pencils (hard & medium), one Extra Black Layout pencil and a sandpaper pad (for sharpening pencils). Perfect for students or traveling. Made in USA.

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