Ambir Document Scanner Cleaning & Calibration Kit (SA400-CC)

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Product Number: SYNX4153998
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Product Description

Ambir Document Scanner Cleaning & Calibration Kit (SA400-CC) - Black streaks, hazy discoloration, and poor color quality are all indicators that your scanner needs to be cleaned and calibrated. Our cleaning and calibration kits have everything you need to ensure optimum scanner performance. Each kit comes with a calibration sheet, a cleaning sheet and a bottle of cleaning solution.
Scanners usually need to be cleaned and calibrated every two to three months if you are an average user. If you do high volume scanning or work in an industrial environment we recommend more frequent cleaning and calibration.

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Product Specifications

  • Application/Usage
  • Brand Name
  • Country of Origin
  • Manufacturer Part Number
  • Package Contents
    1 x Specially Designed Cleaning Sheet 1 x Specially Designed Calibration Sheet 1 x Bottle of Cleaning Solution
  • Product Name
    Document Scanner Cleaning & Calibration Kit (SA400-CC)
  • Product Type
    Cleaning Kit


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