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  • Add dial-up internet access and external fax modem support to your laptop or desktop computer - 56K USB Dial-up and Fax Modem - External V.92 56K USB Modem - Hardware Based Dial up Data Modem - Transfer rates up to 56Kbps (data) / 14.4Kbps (fax) - Compact 56k modem ideal for travelling to remote locations - Full speed (12 MHz) USB interface; compatible with USB 2.0 - Controller Based External Modem - USB powered
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  • USB - 1 x Modem (RJ-11) - 56 kbit/s - ITU-T V.17, ITU-T V.27ter, ITU-T V.29, ITU-T V.21 Fax Technology - ITU-T V.92, ITU-T V.90, ITU-T V.32, ITU-T V.32bis, ITU-T V.34 Modulation
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  • Serial - 56 kbit/s - ITU V.17, ITU-T V.29, ITU-T V.27ter, ITU-T V.21, EIA 578 Class 1, EIA 592 Class 2.0, ITU-T Group III Fax Technology - ITU-T V.92, ITU-T V.90, ITU-T V.34, ITU-T V.32bis, ITU-T V.32, ITU-T V.23, ITU-T V.22bis, ITU-T V.22, ITU-T V.21, ITU-T V.44, ITU-T V.42bis, ... Modulation - 14.4 kbit/s Fax Transmission Data Rate
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  • PCI - 56 kbit/s
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About Analog Modems

Adapt any computer to use a classic dial-up connection with analog modems.