Opengear EMD5000-02 - Environmental Monitor Device

Product Number: SYNX4284358
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Product Description

Opengear EMD5000-02 - Environmental Monitor Device - Environmental Monitor Device (EMD)

The Opengear EMD5000 environmental monitoring device plugs into the serial ports on our console servers and enables you to remotely monitor environmental conditions using a standard Web browser.

You can view the ambient temperature and humidity of the remote environment and set the EMD to automatically send alarms progressively from warning levels to critical alerts. So you are warned if the temperature in a remote equipment rack begins to rise and can plan preventative action. Similarly, a warning of rising humidity in an air-conditioned room could be a sign of a duct leak, open door, roof leak, etc. The EMD also monitors the status of one or two external dry contacts which can be connected to a smoke detector, water detector, vibration or open-door sensor.

The EMD connects to a serial port on any Opengear console server with an adapter and CAT5 cable. Authorized users can securely monitor the environment at the remote site. Each EMD device has one temperature and one humidity sensor and provides one or two general purpose status sensors in one small module. Each console server can support multiple EMDs providing distributed monitoring any site.

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Product Specifications

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    Measures temperatures between 0 and 80ºC with an accuracy of +/-1ºC Measures relative humidity between 10 and 90% RH with an accuracy of +/-5% Two inputs (normally-open or closed) Each EMD draws its power from console server serial port LED Display: Power/Status Regulatory FCC Class B, UL, CUL, CE For Cisco Straight serial pinout, temperature, humidity, 1 x TTL DIO terminal
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    EMD5000-02 - Environmental Monitor Device
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    Environmental Monitoring System
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