AXIS T91B47 Pole Mount for Surveillance Camera, Radar Detector, Speaker, Camera Housing

Product Number: IGRM5BN073
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Product Description

AXIS T91B47 Pole Mount for Surveillance Camera, Radar Detector, Speaker, Camera Housing -
Suitable for wide range of pole diameters
Safe and easy to install
IK10-rated vandal resistance
NEMA 4X-rated corrosion protection
Axis stainless steel straps included
Ease of installation
AXIS T91B47 Pole Mount is designed for both indoor and outdoor use. It is available in two versions, one with steel straps for poles between 50-150 mm (2-6 in) in diameter and one with steel straps for poles between 100-410 mm (4-16 in) in diameter.
AXIS T91B47 is tightened with two marine-grade (SS316L) stainless steel straps with TX30 screw interface for ease and secure installation.
When installing an Axis fixed dome or fixed bullet camera, there is no need for additional accessories like pendant kits; AXIS T91B47 fits the back side of the camera to ensure a cost efficient solution.

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Product Specifications

  • Brand Name
  • Compatibility
    Axis Cameras: M1124-E M1125-E P1364-E P1365-E Mk II P1367-E P1368-E P1435-LE P1447-LE P1448-LE Q1615-E Mk II Q1635-E Q1765-LE M3024-LVE M3025-VE M3026-VE M3027-PVE M3037-PVE M3057-PLVE M3058-PLVE P3224-LV Mk II P3224-V Mk II P3225-LV Mk II P3225-V Mk II P3227-LV P3228-LV P3367-VE P3375-LVE P3375-VE Q3504-V Q3504-VE Q3505-V Mk II Q3505-VE Mk II Q3515-LV Q3515-LVE Q3517-LV Q3517-LVE Q3615-VE Q3617-VE Axis Radar Detectors: D2050-VE Axis Speakers: C3003-E Axis Thermal Cameras: Q1941-E Q1942-E Q2901-E
  • Device Supported
    Camera Housing Radar Detector Speaker Surveillance Camera
  • Manufacturer Part Number
  • Package Contents
    T91B47 Pole Mount Stainless Steel Straps
  • Product Model
  • Product Name
    T91B47 Pole Mount
  • Product Type
    Pole Mount


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