Baumgartens Eco Friendly Supplies

Baumgartens Conserve Cutlery

Baumgartens Conserve line of disposable forks, spoons and knives are made from corn starch and biodegrade in six weeks. They are also sturdy and withstand temperatures up to 170°f.

Baumgartens Conserve Tableware

Baumgartens Conserve line of disposable dishes are made with sugar cane fiber, an annually renewable source. These sturdy plates biodegrade in about six weeks.

Baumgartens Conserve Cleaners

Baumgartens Conserve line of cleaning products are the eco-friendly option that contain no petrochemicals, phosphates or acids.

Baumgartens Eco Friendly Supplies

As an environmentally conscious company, Baumgartens makes an effort to recycle and reduce its carbon footprint. Now it features its Conserve line of green products such as plates, cutlery and cleaner.

Cleaning solution, disposable dishware, forks, knives and spoons are not usual candidates to be products that are green. Baumgartens comes through with Conserve cutlery made from corn and other natural starches and containing no petroleum-based plastic. Conserve dishware uses sugar cane fiber and is biodegradable while remaining sturdy enough for heavy use. Conserve cleaning tabs ship as an empty bottle and four tablets of odor neutralizer, bathroom cleaner, glass cleaner or multi-surface cleaner. Add water to get four bottles of cleaning product while using only one!

Baumgartens is a WBE Certified woman-owned family company dedicated to community outreach and environment-friendly business practices.

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